A high school volleyball coach in Alabama has been charged after allegedly having sexual contact with a member of the volleyball team who was only 15.

Willyncia Harper, 22, was arrested on Friday and released the same day on $18,000 bail.

According to the 15-year-old’s mother, the misconduct was discovered when the girl’s mother arrived at the girl’s father’s home in order to pick up her daughter. There, she discovered Harper alone with her daughter and felt uneasy.

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She asked her daughter about the situation, and while at first, the girl denied that anything was happening, she later admitted that she and Harper had been having an ongoing sexual relationship. At that point, investigators began looking into Harper and found that there had been several encounters between Harper and the girl from October to December.

Jefferson County School Superintendent Craig Pouncey said that the background check for Harper had come up clean but that school officials took immediate action as soon as they heard what was happening.

“It’s their charge to investigate and to ensure all children are protected. We took immediate action and notified the individual they would be charged with trespassing on any Jefferson County properties,” he said.