Wyclef Jean tells Trump to remember sacrifices of black people

african kings

Wyclef Jean hopes that President Donald Trump’s visit to the National Museum of African American History taught him something about the suffering and sacrifices that black people in this country have endured.

“The fact of history is that, you know, many years ago, a lot of us were sacrificed, a lot of our ancestors, and there used to be what used to be the norm,” Jean told TMZ. “Putting dogs on us was the norm, you know. Lynching was the norm.”

“So it’s sort of like, when you go to this African museum and you’re looking at this, it’s just important to understand how much we as a people have suffered as a whole,” he added.

He also spoke to Dave Chappelle’s plea to give Trump a chance as the new president, though it didn’t seem like he was willing to be too forgiving at this point in the Trump presidency.

“The bottom line to it is, in a non-emotional way: he is the president of America, right? Dave Chappelle said on Saturday Night Live, you know, give him a chance,” he said. “Yeah, we are giving him a chance, but at the same time, when we disagree with something, we have to speak up.”