Sinead O’Conner apologizes for accusing Arsenio Hall of being Prince’s drug dealer

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Sinead O’Conner is now saying that she was wrong to say that Arsenio Hall had been supplying drugs to Prince.

“Sinead has retracted and apologized for statements she made about Arsenio last year, which prompted his defamation lawsuit against her,” both O’Conner and Hall said in a joint statement.

O’Conner also told TMZ: “I apologize for my Facebook posts about Arsenio to the extent that anyone thought I was accusing him of acting as Prince’s drug dealer and supplying him with illegal hard drugs, or insinuating that Arsenio had something to do with Prince’s death. I sincerely apologize because those statements would be false, and I retract them unequivocally.”

Hall had sued O’Conner over the Facebook rant in which she accused Hall of being Prince’s drug dealer, but Hall has reportedly dropped the suit now that she has apologized. That means O’Conner’s apology has saved her from a $5 million lawsuit.

Not a bad move.