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As I scrolled through my Twitter timeline yesterday afternoon, I noticed that one of my fave #WCW, Lauren London was trending. Naturally, I clicked the hashtag to see why and was appalled to see that the internet trolls of America united to body shame the beauty for a little and, might I add, very natural baby weight gain.

The 32-year-old actress and her boyfriend, Nipsey Hussle, welcomed their baby boy to the world back in September, and we haven’t seen her out very often since. The happy couple, who are known for keeping a low profile, was finally spotted sitting courtside at the recent Lakers game. The pair was photographed whispering in each other’s ears, laughing and enjoying a good old date night Beyoncé and Jay Z style. Plus there was a pretty large rock on Lauren’s left ring finger.

Despite this, the Petty Waps of Twitter saw it necessary to harp on London’s slight weight gain, as if she wasn’t just carrying another human in her body. Can she get a break?!

But just as I was about to let these Twitter fingers loose on behalf of my girl Lauren, I noticed Black Twitter had already clapped back with the quickness in London’s defense. I couldn’t have been happier to see people not only fight off detractors but also celebrate Lauren’s undeniable beauty. I mean let’s be real. Lauren London was gorgeous when she was smaller and she’s gorgeous now.

Of course I had to add my own two cents in as well.

In an Instagram model, surgery-obsessed American society, where everyone is infatuated with postpartum snapback, it seems like people’s expectations around women, and new mothers especially, is getting even further from reality. I’m not knocking the Teyana Taylors and Draya Michelles of the world who can snapback in 5 days or less, but honestly that’s more abnormal than the average woman.

Lauren London later addressed the detractors in her own statement on Instagram. And while I’m happy she spoke up for herself, it made me just a little bit more frustrated about unfair beauty standards women are subjected to.

Her words:



She goes on “I knew that casting directors would consider me out of commission for at least a year.”

As a female actress, I can attest, it’s a sad but true fact that many women, especially in Hollywood, have had to put their dreams and career goals on hold because of a very natural thing called motherhood.  

It’s even sadder that with all the supposed diversity in TV and film, an actress that’s a size 8 or above — even if it’s due to childbirth — will have fewer options than a more slender actress.  

I’m happy that London is unwilling to compromise who she is for the public, Hollywood or anyone else. She has every right to choose motherhood over appealing to warped beauty standards. Her body has the right to change, and she looks just as good with the weight as she did before the weight

Who cares if she ever loses the pounds? She won’t be any less talented. She won’t be any less beautiful. And she won’t be any less worthy of her beautiful life.


RaVal “V” Davis is the go-to girl for all things body positive and feminine. She is a published writer who has penned pieces for The Huffington Post, Essence, EBONY and VIBE, among others. Keep up with her at RaValDavis.com.