Rachel Dolezal changes name to West African moniker meaning ‘gift of god’

Rachel Dolezal is at it again, this time with a name change: she has legally changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo.

The name has its roots in Nigeria and is short for Nkechinyere in the Igbo language, meaning “gift of god.” What’s more, her new last name has its roots in the Fula people of West Africa and means “bold.”


The former NAACP leader who was born white continues to maintain that she is black, despite heavy criticism and pushback, and this name change is just the latest in a series of attempts to solidify herself as black.

Last year Dolezal named her new son, Langston Attikus, after the famed Harlem Renaissance activist/poet Langston Hughes and the abolitionist Crispus Attucks.