Don Cheadle shares how Trump refers to black women

Don Cheadle has been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump since long before the latter became president. During the campaign, his Twitter feed included messages calling Trump a “piece of sh*t” and wishing for his death in a fire ,but now we have one more reason Cheadle feels this hostility towards Trump.

According to Cheadle, while talking to the father of a friend while playing golf, Trump asked the man if he had ever “f***ed a ni***er.”

Donald Trump played president last night, but don’t be fooled

This was revealed on Twitter, and to be fair, the accusation is years old and possibly second-hand. Still, it’s quite the story about a man who claims to be the least racist person anyone knows.

When Cheadle was asked why he never told this story sooner, for example during the election, he simply noted that the story wouldn’t have changed anything, since other stories with similar plots are already public knowledge.