Gun sales decline since Trump’s election, except among minorities

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Overall, gun sales have dropped since the election of Donald Trump, but they have experienced an uptick among groups that are nervous about their future under the Trump administration.

According to statistics collected from the FBI statistics, trade groups, gun shop owners and corporate reports, gun sales have slowed down significantly even after a year of record-breaking gun sales. Part of this can be attributed to the fact that the president has promised to protect and even expand gun rights in his administration.

But there is one significant group where gun sales are going up: black and LGBT gun sales.

Philip Smith, president of the National African American Gun Association said that he has seen a recent surge in gun sales that he attributes to fears that the Trump administration and its policies could turn violent.

“Trump is some of that reason, and rhetoric from other groups that have been on the fringe,” Smith said. “It’s like being racist is cool now.”

According to Smith, the group has added 7,000 members since the election of Donald Trump, and more chapters are popping up all over the country.

“People are scared and rightfully so,” said Stephen Yorkman, who founded the Maryland chapter. “They feel better if they at least learn how to shoot a firearm or own one.”