‘Belko Experiment’ is workplace horror like you’ve never seen

'Belko Experiment' is workplace horror like you've never seen

The Belko Experiment is workplace terror like you’ve never seen on screen.

Scandal star Tony Goldwyn headlines the horror flick as “Barry Norris,” a top executive at the fictional Belko Corporation. Everything starts to hit the fan when Barry and his employees are forced into a fatal game of either killing each other or sealing their own individual fates.

“When I met with Greg [McLean], our director, I felt very much that what would make the movie really work and be good is if it felt really real and human,” Goldwyn said. “The dilemma of the movie, as outrageous and operatic as what James [Gunn] wrote is, [I wanted it] to feel authentic.”

Actor Bill Gallagher Jr. tells Entertainment Studios’ Jon Kelley that he appreciated the realistic approach Belko took to its characters. It’s not often that a normal everyday employee would have to respond to such terror  but Gallagher says director Greg McLean did it right.

“I liked the way it was written that he was kind of a reluctant action star,” Gallagher said of his character. “He didn’t ask for it. He just kind of got thrown into it. I thought James wrote that in a kind of refreshing way. It never really poked fun at the fact that he was out of his element. It just kind of happened.”

The Belko Experiment hits theaters this Friday, March 17.