Jordan Peele is the first black writer-director with a $100M movie debut

This weekend, Jordan Peele made history by becoming the first African-American writer-director to hit a $100 million movie debut.

His horror movie, Get Out, has held steady for three weekends now, even with the release of the latest King Kong movie as well as the superhero flick Logan as competitors. With an estimated $21 million in from this last weekend at the box office, Get Out has raked in about $111 million.

–‘Get Out’ reminds us only we can save ourselves–

What makes this particularly impressive is not just the fact that Peele did all this with a relatively unknown cast and a movie budget of just $4 million but also the fact that horror movies generally bank most of their money on the opening weekend. But Get Out seems to be enduring, continuing to beat projections after a $34 million opening weekend, $10 million more than what projections anticipated.

If you haven’t seen Get Out yet, now’s the time to do so!

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