(Photo: Facebook)

Recently, a video surfaced showing an Asian store owner choking an African-American woman after he accused her of trying to steal from his store. Now, the area’s local NAACP chapter has confronted the man, asking him to either apologize or face the continuing black boycott of his beauty shop in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In a video now making the rounds on Facebook, a man can be heard pointing out, “Sorry’s not hard to say.”

–Outrage over video of store owner choking African-American woman–

When he continues on to tell the store owner that the boycott as well as the demonstrations outside his store will continue “the longer that you wait,” the store owner can be heard to say, “I know.”

The man then asks the store owner if he’s heard of Eric Garner, noting that the case seemed very similar.

In the video, a woman then chimes in, saying, “Black women are to be cherished.”

“You don’t touch us,” she later added before repeating, “we are to be cherished.”

“You came to this country to better your family?” she asked. “Well, we built this country on the backs of our people.”

Check out the video of the confrontation below.