(Photo: Facebook/Miami Herald)

Naika Venant, the Florida teenager who committed suicide and streamed the whole thing on Facebook Live, reportedly reached out to her mother on multiple occasions in an attempt to fix their relationship, begging to be able to come home to her mom.

On Wednesday, the Florida Department of Children & Families released records not only of Venant’s time spent in and out of foster care but also of text messages that the teen sent to her mother. According to Miami Herald, the teenager repeatedly asked to be allowed to come home, but her mother refused on the grounds that she was tired of her daughter acting out.

“I wanna make this work betwn us,” she texted her mother in September. “Tell me what I gotta Do & iLL Do iT Im Tired Of Us Fighting We Needa Make This Work Im Ready for Us to be a Team AGAIN.”

–Teen’s mother allegedly encouraged her suicide on Facebook Live–

“ICan Do Better iKnow ICan Gimme Another Chance,” she added. “I Don’t Wanna Be Here Tryna Stay Strong.”

Someone believed to be her mother, Gina Alexis, reportedly responded to the message by saying, “All that urban talk.”

In addition to the text messages, the records showed an allegedly abusive relationship between Venant and Alexis.

In 2009, when Venant first entered the foster care system, the records showed that she had been beaten with a belt, with 30 marks on her back, arms and legs. In April 2016, Venant ran away from home, but when she returned to Alexis, Alexis dropped her off at a case manager’s office and declared that she’d “had it” and no longer wanted to deal with her daughter.

What’s more, Alexis claimed that while Venant was in the foster system, she had begun to behave “increasingly inappropriate sexually,” and Alexis was concerned that her behavior would negatively impact Venant’s 5-year-old brother.

The report also claimed that Alexis was one of the many users on Facebook who commented on Venant’s Facebook Live stream and even encouraged her to kill herself.