Good Samaritan honored by city council for breaking up teen fight

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Ibn Ali Miller, the Good Samaritan who stepped in to break up a street fight in a now-viral video, was honored by the Atlantic City Council.

During the council meeting, many were praising Miller, but he pushed the praise toward someone else: his mother, Sabrina Winters. “People get 15 minutes of fame a lot, and I would like to use every second of the 15 minutes to send gratitude to my mother,” he said.

“When we were young, she’d put pretzel sticks across the table. She said those pretzel sticks are the right path, and the rest of the table is the wrong path, and that it’s very, very difficult to stay on the right path,” he said, adding that when he would get in trouble, his mother would send him to his room and make him read.

The two teens in the video, Sheldon Ward and Jamar Mobley, also came to show their appreciation.

“A couple days ago, I was thinking it was cool to fight in front of my friends or I need this fame, but it really doesn’t mean nothing at all, so I want to say thank you again,” Mobley said.

In speaking about his influence, Miller also said, “I hope that this is something that will influence people to do more character building, because that’s what these young kids need, they need character building.”