Bill O’Reilly and Fox reportedly paid nearly $13M to settle women’s harassment suits

Multiple women have accused Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly of sexual and verbal harassment. These cases were settled for a combined total of approximately $13 million.

The instances of harassment vary and include everything from verbal abuse, lewd comments, phone calls where it sounded as though he was masturbating as well as unwanted sexual advances.

According to the report in the New York Times, O’Reilly followed a pattern of abuse. He would befriend the women in the newsroom, offering advice before trying to gain sexual favors.

The women felt as though their jobs would be in danger if they refused his advances.

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This latest report details new cases that arose after Fox News CEO Roger Ailes had to resign when he was sued by Gretchen Carlson for sexual harassment. In total, there are five women who have reached settlements over their treatment by Bill O’Reilly.

There are three new cases in all, and two of them are sexual harassment claims.

There are other women who have come forward with stories about O’Reilly. Wendy Walsh was a guest on his show, and in 2013, she turned down an invitation to his hotel room. He then retaliated by not helping her get a promised position at Fox.

In 2016, Andrea Tantaros, a former host at Fox, said that she was harassed by O’Reilly as well.

O’Reilly is well-known for his insensitive remarks. Just recently, he remarked on television that he couldn’t even listen to what Maxine Waters had to say because he couldn’t get over her James Brown wig.