Angela Rye explains why she cried after segment with Joe Walsh

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Recently, Angela Rye made headlines when she called out Joe Walsh in a segment on CNN, and during an appearance on Viceland, she spoke about her experience on that segment as well as the emotional impact it had on her.

“I just think he shouldn’t have been on TV,” Rye said of Walsh. “Like, he doesn’t deserve a platform. And I meant it when I said it then, and I’m saying it again now…. Some people just don’t deserve airtime. If people are bigots, you shouldn’t help them be bigots.”

–Angela Rye tears into ‘bigot’ during heated CNN segment–

She then went on, “I told people, like I had a speaking engagement yesterday, and I told them, I was like, ‘I cried after that segment’, not because I’m worried about Joe, but because I hate that that is where we are.”

“We had a black president, and it feels like we went all the way back into time into like the land of bigotry, lynching, and the Ku Klux Klan. Like, I just can’t fathom it,” she said. “So every time I have to have a discussion like that with someone who really believes that nonsense? It’s just infuriating. It’s really frustrating.”

“So I wasn’t crying because he shook me or anything, it’s just, like, really frustrating.”