Black Lives Matter Philly criticized for having ‘black-only’ meeting

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Recently, Black Lives Matter Philly was criticized for having a ‘black-only’ meeting.

When right-wing media got hold of the story, they accused the group of being hypocritical in excluding people from the space because of the color of their skin.

In response, Black Lives Matter Philly put out a statement in which they said,  “We are unapologetically black and believe having black only spaces where black people can come together to strategize, organize, heal and fellowship without the threat of violence and co-optation is an important part of black liberation,” according to FOX 29.

It continued:

To the extent that we want the contributions of others, it is to help us reach this collectively determined goal. Not being able to attend a BLM Philly meeting does not preclude anyone from supporting BLM Philly or the Movement for Black Lives. As an organization that promotes and collaborates with a variety of different organizations across the city, we invite people from all races and backgrounds to join in the Movement for Black Lives. Currently, we have hundreds of supporters, who help us run online campaigns, raise awareness about issues impacting Philadelphians, and donate goods and services that many take for granted, but help make life easier for the most marginalized among us.

The group then added, “Supporting Black liberation doesn’t stop and end at one’s ability to gain access to a certain space. It is about taking leadership and direction from Black people that outline tangible ways to support their struggle for liberation. It means standing up against white supremacy and racism in all areas, not just in a meeting with Black folks in the hopes that you will get a medal for showing up and being required to do nothing more.”

“Fighting alongside Black people for Black liberation means confronting racist and xenophobic actions in spaces where you have access and privilege. It means showing up for victims of police shootings AND missing Black women and girls AND Black Trans women. It means fighting for thorough legislative policy, supporting boycotts, and more, for better wages, quality housing and health access, which all disproportionately impact Black people. It means creating opportunities, within your own circles where access for Black people is systematically denied, for Black people to grow and lead.”