Pittsburgh school officer knocks out boy’s tooth during beating

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A 14-year-old Pittsburgh boy’s claims that he was beaten by a school resource officer are now under investigation.

On Wednesday, civil rights attorney Todd Hollis said that his client, Queshawn Wade, had been beaten by the school resource officer, Steve Shaulis, at Woodland Hills High School on April 3.

“My understanding is that there was a discussion by Officer Steve Shaulis, who is the school resource officer at Woodland Hills High School, over a missing cell phone,” Hollis said, “and that it was his belief that this young man [Wade] was responsible for that cell phone.”

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According to Hollis, Wade was told by Shaulis that the matter of the cell phone would be taken to court, and when Wade said ‘okay’, Shaulis called the boy a derogatory name and then dragged him into his office.

“He said he was thrown against the wall, he landed on a chair, he was then punched in the back of his head,” Hollis said. “At some point, he was placed in a prone position on the ground; he was punched in the teeth, which is where his tooth fell out.”

Police and the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office are now investigating the claims, and Hollis has said that he told his client’s family not to let their son return to the school.