Omarosa gets married in Trump hotel, POTUS doesn’t attend

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On Saturday morning, Omarosa Manigault married Pastor John Allen Newman at the Old Post Pavilion in Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. However, despite being so close to the White House, the wedding was not attended by President Donald Trump, reportedly because the events in Syria had occupied his attention instead.

The ceremony was private as the two of them exchanged vows before a cocktail reception in the art-deco lobby. There, Omarosa rang a bell and the beverage director popped a cork on the champagne with a saber before giving the newlyweds the bottle.

—  Omarosa denies postponing wedding over death threats — 

In all, the ceremony proceeded without incident, except for when a bridesmaid nearly fainted toward the end of the ceremony, though she was fine after someone brought her a glass of water. This is despite the fact that Omarosa had reportedly been forced to move the venue from Florida to Washington, D.C. because of death threats that she had received.

“Since she moved the wedding to D.C., she’s invited President Trump and other senior level White House executives in an effort to make sure the secret service and extra security will be there,” a source told

However, Trump himself was unable to attend and is in fact still in Mar-a-lago dealing with the aftermath of an ordered Syrian airstrike.

Check out pictures from the wedding below.