D.L. Hughley says Kendall Jenner dating black guys doesn’t give her a pass

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D.L. Hughley has a pointed criticism of Kendall Jenner and the now-infamous Pepsi commercial.

The problem, he said, was not just that the commercial co-opted the Black Lives Matter movement but that Jenner can’t be qualified to play a social activist just because she dates black men.

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“I don’t know why they would pick Kendall Jenner to be the spokesperson for black people,” Hughley told TMZ. “Just because you f****d a couple of black guys doesn’t mean you understand our struggle. She’d be the first civil rights leader that did it with a mattress.”

“I like black dudes, so I know what the problem is,” Hughley joked that Jenner was basically saying.

As for the soda company itself, Hughley admitted, “I haven’t had a Pepsi since they messed up Michael Jackson’s hair.”