(Photo: Princess Anne Police Department)

Two Baltimore women have been charged with a hate crime after they lit a Trump sign on fire. The fire spread to nearby vegetation and caused $800 in damage before the blaze was contained by the fire department.

D’Asia R. Perry and Joy M. Shuford, both 19, face multiple charges, including second-degree arson and committing a hate crime, according to the Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office.

(Photo: Ralph Freso/Getty Images)

“The intentional burning of these political signs, along with the beliefs, religious views and race of this political affiliation, directly coincides with the victim,” a Princess Anne police officer wrote.

Caryn L. McMahon, deputy chief fire marshal wrote that the hate crime charge was added because “in doing so, [committing arson] with discrimination or malice toward a particular group, or someone’s belief,” the charge was warranted.

Robert Wink is the owner of the sign and says that it has been stolen twice and set on fire once before. But he also insists that the sign has been good for his store, at which he sells firearms and hunting supplies. People often stop to take pictures by the sign, and Wink intends to keep the sign up, as it was not too badly damaged by the fire.

“It’s been a pretty good attention-getter,” he said.