Trump supporting cab drivers fined for targeting liberals

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At least four taxi cab drivers in New York have been fined for praising President Donald Trump and in some cases making offensive comments about liberals, immigrants, and minorities.

For example, Mark Maehle was fined $1,100 and given three points on his license following a November 30 cab ride in which a passenger complained that he went on a tirade saying that “the traffic is the fault of f—ing Africans and Muslims and that Trump is great for this country.”

“They’re punishing me for voting for Trump,” Maehle claimed, saying that he accepted the fine and the points to his license because he feared higher penalties if he didn’t.

“Is that grounds for me losing my job because I’m a conservative?” he said. “I know this is New York and they don’t play by the same rules as the United States of America.”

— Donald Trump and his cabinet are waging a war on black people — 

He claimed that the government was stacked against him.

“They don’t like people like me,” he said. “If I was a liberal or an immigrant, they would put me in a big apartment and give me this and that.”

Anthony Porat was also fined $200 after a ride a few days after the 2016 election in which Porat allegedly said once the passengers got in the car, “Hurray for Donald Trump! I love this man! F— you, liberals!”

Like Maehle, Porat, a Russian immigrant, claimed that New York was biased against him.

“This city is pro-Hillary, pro-Democrat,” he claimed.  “I respect them to a point but I have a point too.”

Maehle was charged with harassment, and Porat with being discourteous after the cab system received 311 complaints about them. The 311 system has received nine complaints between last August and January over drivers who had made comments supporting Donald Trump, among other comments.