Mary J. Blige on ex-husband’s mistress: ‘She’s my Becky with the good hair’

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In her new documentary album, Mary J. Blige called out her ex-husband’s mistress in her new documentary album.

In speaking to producer Ne-Yo, Blige said of her ex, Kendu Isaacs: “All these years have come to this, like you didn’t even pick me, you picked somebody else. That sh* t is humiliating. It hurt real bad. But they got beds, we gotta lay in it.”

She then specifically addressed the woman who allegedly had an affair with Isaacs, saying, “And just so we’re clear, you have a studio in that other place, right? Do not let, do you know [named bleeped out]? Do not let her nowhere near what you’re doing for me, because she’s the reason for all of this sh*t. That’s my Becky with the good hair!”

Blige also talked about the pain of going through a very public divorce during a recent radio interview with Angie Martinez celebrating the release of her new album, Strength of a Woman.

“When people go through a divorce it is a horrible time. It feels like somebody died…you’re so affected by what happened. It was so much hurt and betrayal…I can’t even believe this is happening,” Blige said. “But while it’s heavy…I gotta keep myself going, I gotta keep the light going because you can end up Kurt Cobain-ing out here.”

Visibly emotional, she continued: “[I] found out [I] wasn’t what this person wanted all these years…and that somebody was better. That’s wounding.”

Blige, who said the divorce is the hardest thing she’s ever went through in her life, credits music, prayer, and the support from loved ones and her fans, for keeping her in good spirits. “It’s a release. If I didn’t share it with you I’d probably be dead somewhere,” she said. “But I know that I have a mission. This started in 1994 when I put out the My Life album…when we get together at these concerts and shows, we heal together.”