Kandi Burruss contemplates suing Phaedra and Porsha over falsehoods

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Kandi Burruss is working out whether or not she will sue Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams after the disastrous Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special.

During the reunion, Williams revealed that she had been told by Parks that Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, planned to drug and rape her. The scandal predictably erupted as soon as it aired, and Burruss has found herself being called “Bill Cosby” on social media because of the allegations.

But Burruss absolutely believes that Parks was calculated in her accusations, saying of her co-star, saying:

Basically y’all got together the day before you know you [Porsha] were going to have to face me and she told you that ‘oh I tried to drug you,’ so that you could say this on national TV. Because they know we were supposed to be having this conversation on camera. So she told you that so that she would try to come at me with this fake info on camera, intentionally.

As for possible legal action, Burruss pointed out that Parks was the one to start the rumor with Williams, and admitted as much during the reunion changes things. She added that her lawyers are still looking into it.

“They [My Attorneys] had told me that I should sue Porsha, at first. And when it came out to the reunion that you know Porsha got the information from Phaedra, I was like, ‘You know what, let’s just hold up until you guys get to see this whole thing and I will get their opinion on how they think I should handle it and go forward from there.’ The only thing is lawsuits are stressful, I am already dealing with Johnny,” she said.