(Photo: Facebook)

Jayde Robinson is only 1 years old, but she’s already got the makings of a salon owner.

Her mother, Kerry Robinson, posted a hilarious (and adorable) video of Jayde brushing her mom’s hair while engaging in salon talk, responding to all of Robinson’s stories with things like, “he crazy, girl,” and “girl, yes,” and “then what happened?”

At one point, Robinson mentions that she has free Sea World tickets, earning a totally shocked and excited reaction from her baby girl. “Girl, yes, I’m excited, girl,” Robinson says.

“I’m excited girl,” Jayde says.

Robinson posted the video to Facebook on Thursday, where it amassed over 15 million views by Tuesday. In speaking to the Huffington Post, Robinson said that she and her little girl record videos like that all the time.

“She loves to play in my hair and act like she’s really a mom,” Robinson said, adding that she wasn’t surprised when Jayde ran through some salon talk with her. However, she was “caught off guard at her response a few times so I just kept going.”

“The best moment had to be when she said, ‘Then what happened.’ It really just shows me how intelligent she is,” she said. “I posted her reaction to the actual video and she memorized even what I was saying!”