Real Time host Bill Maher had political activist Cornel West on his show on Friday, and the show turned into a shouting match when Maher called West out for calling both Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump “equally awful.”

During the show, West, who had been a huge supporter of Bernie Sanders during the primaries of the 2016 presidential election, insisted that Sanders could have won the election and criticized Clinton, especially after Maher pointed out that one of Clinton’s first speeches had been about mass incarceration of black men.

“Hillary gave speeches about a whole lot of stuff,” West said,” but it didn’t have a whole lot of integrity in it, brother.”

“That is such bulls***,” Maher replied.

West then went on to talk about Sanders and how he would have won the election before finally admitting that Clinton was “better than Trump,” to which Maher responded, “A lot better than Trump.”

“That doesn’t take too much; who isn’t better than Trump?” West shot back

“That isn’t an answer. It’s glib, it’s beneath you.” Maher said. “For someone who’s such an intellectual, that answer is beneath you.”

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