Boy, 6, condemns gun violence: ‘Stop killing each other!’

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Jeffrey Laney is just 6 years old, but he has already seen more than his fair share of violence.

His mother, Leandra Cheatham, lost her 17-year-old cousin, Taylor Simpson, to gun violence last month, and Jeffrey noticed that his mother was not handling the loss well.

“People need to stop killing each other because this is just making me feel bad,” the little boy says in the video, which has been viewed over 90,000 times on Facebook.

According to Cheatham, Jeffrey is well aware of events in the news, and she told St. Louis Dispatch that she often recorded videos of her little boy, choosing to record this one as his reaction to his fear of death with tears in her eyes. “I was both hurt and proud,” she said.

“I don’t want nothing to happen to all my family, and I’m really serious because I’m really scared to die and I’m really scared for my family to die,” the Kindergartner admits in the video, but he went on to elaborate on how he could find strength even with everything that is bad in the world.

“God is my weapon,” he said. “God is going to make sure I’m safe.”