(Photo: Instagram/honeiee)

Harmonia Rosales, a Chicago artist, reimagined the famous “Creation of Adam” painting that adorns the Sistine Chapel to depict not a white God reaching out to touch a white Adam but a black, female God reaching out to touch a young black woman.

While the reimagined “The Creation of God” has already garnered 7,000 likes on Instagram in the three weeks since it was posted there, it has also drawn severe backlash and criticism, with many people saying they are upset because the painting is messing with religious imagery.

Except this isn’t the first time “The Creation of Adam” has been reimagined. In fact, it’s seen so many different iterations that even the Simpsons has five versions of the work of art.

Considering the fact that Rosales has shown deference and respect to the source material and didn’t intend for her art to be a gag or joke, others argue that she is even being more reverent to “The Creation of Adam” and the Bible story it depicts than other versions have been.

So, the best explanation, for many, is simple racism: people are just mad God is a black woman in this portrayal.