Papa John’s employees accused of selling cocaine out of pizza boxes

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According to police, two employees at a Papa John’s restaurant in Sammamish, Washington, have been accused of selling cocaine out of their pizza boxes.

The investigation was named “Operation Extra Olives” and went on for six months. They found that the men had stashed the drugs throughout the restaurant in sinks, soap dispensers, and the cash register.

When they ran out of drugs to sell, they introduced undercover detectives to other drug dealers in their network. All told, the police seized almost $30,000 in cash, a vehicle, and the drugs. Five people were arrested, and their ages ranged from 18 to 26.

Papa John’s has released a statement in which they said the company has “zero tolerance for this type of offense and illegal behavior” and that the franchisee took action with the health department right away to clear the restaurant.

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