Mali Music hopes to inspire with new album ‘Transition of Mali’

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Mali Music stopped by theGrioLIVE to discuss his new album The Transition of Mali.

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Mali Music recently stopped by theGrioLIVE to discuss his new album The Transition of Mali. Although he’s often been categorized as an “inspirational artist,” Mali Music doesn’t want to be boxed into a specific genre. 

“In a nutshell, I am the continuation of everything that we have loved in other artists,” he said, for those not familiar with his music. 

Since the greats like Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, James Brown, and Michael Jackson are no longer here, many listeners are looking for “new bread,” he says. Much like his predecessors, Mali says he wants his music to heal the world and make it a better place.

In regards to the title of the album, The Transition of Mali, the 29-year-old musician says the “transition” represents a lot to him:

It’s been three years since [my first album] Mali Is and I’ve been met with so much death, betrayal and defining things. It’s like when you’re a child, and they say ‘Happy Birthday’ it’s candles, parties, balloons and love but when you’re an adult, it’s all these other types of heavy things, like healing and forgiveness. And I’m grateful for those things. Life is so much more than a dream…when I was a child, I did childish things, but it’s time to come up a little more, and the content grew. I had to stretch my wings a little more and I feel that it causes me to enter into some crazy realms.

During this season, Mali wants an awakening; for us to feel a way about life, love and God. The singer wants this generation to lose the poverty mindset or the “I’m not nothing” mindset, and hopes his musical offering will motivate other artists to return to the days when albums meant something.

“I’m so excited to see what the responses are gonna be as these songs are cultivating the people and causing them to grow and mature musically,” Mali said. “It will hold a lot of artists accountable, and also cause the real artists that have it, to rise up and become relevant because the door is open now. We hear the light; we know what it sounds like and clearly, that’s what people want.”

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