Compton’s youngest Mayor Aja Brown wins second term

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Aja Brown, the mayor of Compton, has won a second term.

Brown, who was the youngest mayor in the city’s history when she was first elected in 2013, faced a strong challenge against former Mayor Omar Bradley after he forced a runoff in the primaries in April. However, he wasn’t able to catch up to her, and Brown will remain mayor.

“I think the city is definitely at a crossroads,” Brown said from her watch party at a TGI Friday’s.

Early results showed that Brown had 60 percent of the vote after a lengthy campaign in which Brown touted her accomplishments thus far while still acknowledging that the city had a long way to go.

“I’m excited to get the next phase of our work done,” she said.

During the campaign, Brown reminded voters of all that she had done to work on getting rid of the city’s pothole problem while also reminding voters that Bradley was convicted of misusing city funds, though the conviction was thrown out in an appeal, which is what allowed Bradley to run for office again. He is, however, is facing a retrial.

Bradley, for his part, claimed that Brown had not lived up to her promises, including those promises to fix the pothole problem, which still has not been resolved.