African-American Museum evacuated after suspicious package is found inside

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On Monday, the National Museum of African American History and Culture had to be evacuated after a suspicious package was found on the second floor.

Thankfully, however, it turns out that the package was a false alarm, and the Park Police tweeted out as much after the evacuation, saying, “@NMAAHC suspicious package has been cleared. Normal operations have resumed #bettersafethansorry #thanksforyourpatience #lesm.”

The package was discovered over an hour after the museum shut its doors for normal business hours, though people were still inside. It’s unclear if they were present for a private event, though police did say that the evacuation proceeded because of an “abundance of caution.”

Details on the “suspicious package” have not yet come out, though the incident occurred just two weeks after a noose was discovered at the museum, prompting a temporary closure of the museum while police secured the building.