In legal documents, Apollo Nida is apparently asking that a divorce judge throw out a pre-nup agreement that he and Phaedra Parks signed, claiming that it was signed prior to either of them rocketing to fame.

The agreement, reported, was signed before Parks was signed to The Real Housewives of Atlanta. What’s more, Nida claims that he is entitled to a cut of the money that Parks earned on the show even though she was the only official cast member.

He pointed to the storyline of the show that featured him often as a guest as Parks’ husband, saying that the two of them together had crafted a storyline that allowed Parks to experience the success that she did.

“In fact, the Wife often bolstered herself on the show as a “Southern Belle” and “high-powered Attorney” who married an ex-convicted felon. The parties’ joint participation on the show generated millions of dollars for the Wife who was the contracted cast member. It is undisputed that the Husband’s involvement on the reality show aided in the Wife remaining a relevant cast member on the show and consequently causing her to earn millions of dollars,” court documents argue.

Nida further argued that it would be unfair to hold him to the pre-nup because of how substantially he contributed to her success on the show, not to mention the fact that he contributed to buying the house and furniture, despite her name being on the house.