Tamar Braxton recently made headlines with an apology to Tameka “Tiny” Harris that included a jab at Toya Wright and ignited a social media war between Wright and Braxton.

According to theJasmineBrand.com, Braxton tried to set the record straight, explaining why she had even posted the apology to Harris in the first place:

The whole thing came about was [sic] because the day before it was Logan’s birthday, I got tagged on   ‘Happy birthday, Logan’ from Tiny; which is Logan’s Godmom. TIP [Tiny’s husband] was saying me and Tiny need to stop being a diva and makeup. So, I just thought it was the sweetest gesture ever. That’s why I decided to send a public apology to my dearest friend, Tiny. I felt like they [TIP and Tiny] made the attempt to extend an olive branch. I wasn’t trying to hurt anybody, definitely.

— Toya Wright clashes with Tamar Braxton, calls her ‘fakest b**ch I know’ — 

She went on to explain, “I just wanted to state the facts. It’s been a lot of speculation because Tiny and I had ‘friendship falling out,’ it wasn’t about people have been saying. It wasn’t about that show, and it wasn’t about what Toya was saying. She did go on a media tour, and wrote a book about how she felt I was a horrible friend. It was hurtful to me. The was the first time I had heard it was on the radio.”

She then gave a message to Wright, saying, “Toya if you’re listening, baby, I have absolutely positively no reason to stop you from getting your shine on. I want you to win. I love Reginae. I want everybody to win.”

Check out Tamar elaborating on her public feuds below.