Winning Play$ and TheGrio celebrate Black women and feminism with Gloria Steinem

When Stacey Tisdale decided to create an event to empower Black women, one of the first people she called was feminist icon, Gloria Steinem.

When financial journalist and Winning Play$ founder Stacey Tisdale decided to create an event to empower young Black women, one of the first people she called was good friend and feminist icon, Gloria Steinem.

Winning Play$ is an organization that aspires to expand financial literacy and empower young people to achieve their goals. TheGrio was honored to be able to partner with Winning Play$ to organize a panel of inspirational women to speak on Black women, feminism, and empowerment.

The panel, moderated by Tisdale, included Steinem, Breakfast Club host, Angela Yee, journalist Carol Jenkins, the Founder and Managing Director of Grace Capital LLC Grace Vandecruz, and the President and Founder of Your Greatest Contribution Rianka Dorsainvil.

Steinem, who is legendary for her activism, recalled partnering with activists of color, such as Flo Kennedy and Dorothy Pitman Hughes to bring about more inclusive change within the feminist movement.

“If it doesn’t include all women, it’s not feminism by definition. That’s just the way it is,” Steinem told TheGrio.

We might know Angela Yee as a host on ‘The Breakfast Club’, but the radio personality also doubles as an entrepreneur and finance guru. In particular, Yee emphasized the need for women to be smart with their money and what they invest in.

“People will tell you ‘Oh, get a house when you’re married’ or ‘Why don’t you wait until you settle down?’ But you should do those things for yourself. Why wouldn’t you? It’s a great investment,” she said.

Yee herself owns three houses in Detroit and a brownstone in Brooklyn. She also invested in a juice bar in Brooklyn that has helped shape and strengthen the community.

See what other words of wisdom these women had to share by checking out clips from the full event here.