Gloria Steinem says Black women taught her feminism, praises Black Lives Matter

In an interview with theGrio, Gloria Steinem slams so-called “white feminism," and credits Black Lives Matter for uprooting both sexism and racism.

Gloria Steinem is not here for so-called “white feminism.”

Before speaking on Winning Play$ panel, “Black Women, Feminism, and Empowerment”, the legendary feminist icon sat down to chat with TheGrio’s Natasha Alford to discuss diversity in the feminist movement. 

“People talk to me about white feminism, and I say, ‘Are you kidding me?’ If it’s white it can’t be feminism. I mean, hello? It either includes all women or it’s not feminism,” Steinem told TheGrio.

In her storied past as an activist, Steinem has stood alongside prominent Black feminists such as Flo Kennedy and Dorothy Pitman Hughes. She is not shy about supporting Black feminists, pointing out that they were the ones who taught her feminism.

Steinem also had nothing but praise for the Black Lives Matter movement, which was started by three Black women.

“I’m very inspired by them,” She said. “I think that they have created a more inclusive movement because they are aware that sexism and racism is intertwined and you can’t uproot one without uprooting the other. But, it’s still true that they don’t get enough credit.”

Steinem also noted that the Trump presidency has helped raise awareness for the need for equality now, more than ever.

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