Philando Castile’s high school classmates award scholarship in his honor

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A group of alumni who went to Central High School with Philando Castile have come together to award a scholarship in his honor.

On the anniversary of Castile’s death, the alumni awarded the very first Philando Castile Memorial Scholarship to Marques Watson. The scholarship is geared toward helping young men of color.

According to Watson, the $5,000 scholarship was the only way that he would be able to move forward with his education. Without it, he wouldn’t be able to go to college.

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“Before I received this scholarship, I had no way … at all, that I was going to be able to help myself, and my family really has no money to help me,” Watson told MPR. “This scholarship is great because it takes a little weight off my shoulders.”

Castile’s former classmates are now trying to gather enough money to award a $100,000 scholarship and have already gathered half of the money necessary.

Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, also marked the anniversary of Castile’s death with an event called “Black Love” in St. Paul’s Como Park.

“It was all my idea from the moment Phil passed away was to give back to the community show the community how you can blossom in dirt,” she said, according to Fox 9.