Bakari Henderson killed in Greece over argument about a selfie

American tourist, Bakari Henderson, 22, was reportedly beaten to death in Greece, due to an argument over a selfie, according to witnesses.

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American tourist, Bakari Henderson, 22, was reportedly beaten to death on the Greek island of Zakynthos, due to an argument over a selfie, according to witnesses.

Early on Friday, witnesses claimed, Henderson was at a bar on the island and wanted to take a selfie with one of the waitresses, which reportedly angered the bouncer. According to police, at least ten people then followed Henderson out of the bar, including the bouncer and at least one bar employee.

They beat Henderson badly and then left him unconscious in the street. Greek police said that Henderson died from severe head injuries.

Eight people have since been arrested in relation to the beating death and charged with voluntary manslaughter, though an attorney for one of the accused claimed that there was no intent to kill Henderson.

The Henderson family has expressed shock over the slaying, though they are reportedly now focusing on getting Henderson’s body back to the United States. The United States State Department is reportedly working with Greek authorities to do so, and a GoFundMe page has already raised over $45,000 to cover the cost of the funeral as well as transportation expenses.