A woman at an LA art exhibit stumbled while taking a selfie, knocking over a row of pillars and causing $200,000 worth of damage. The incident was caught on camera and has since gone viral.

The exhibit was by Hong Kong-based multimedia artist Simon Birch. It featured rows of pillars with crowns sitting on top. These crowns were all 3D printed and made of mixed materials like nylon, granite, brass and marble.

The woman was squatting in front of one of the rows of pillars in order to take a selfie when she lost her balance and fell into one. The rest in that line of pillars fell like dominoes. In all, 16 pillars fell with every crown falling off.

— Bakari Henderson killed in Greece over argument about a selfie — 

Birch says the accident caused $200,000 worth of damage, some of the crowns were fixed while others might have been permanently damaged.

The exhibit is a non-profit which means they do not have the funds to sue the woman for the damage. Also, the crowns were not insured because the artist could not afford it.