Phaedra Parks settles divorce, refuses to let sons visit Apollo in prison

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida have finally settled their divorce.

The two of them have been going through nasty divorce proceedings as both of them threw around accusations and attempted to beat each other to the punch filing for divorce. But at last, it looks like the two of them have settled.

As part of the divorce settlement, Parks has said that Nida will receive weekly phone calls from their two kids, but she refused to allow prison visits, reports Despite this, they will share joint legal custody and will work out a parenting plan together, and Parks will establish primary residency for the kids.

Additionally, the settlement will see the terms of their 2009 prenup married, despite the fact that Nida has been pushing for that agreement to be thrown out. They will each be awarded the property and other assets that are in their respective names.

The agreement also saw Nida dropping all charges against his ex-wife.