Amber Rose talks taking the high road after breakup with Kanye West

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

During Wednesday’s episode of Complex’s “Everyday Struggle,” Amber Rose opened up about how internet trolls and Kanye West both bullied her after after she and West broke up in 2010 and how that has followed her even now into her relationship with 21 Savage.

“I see this a lot on the internet: ‘Amber’s going to hurt him.’ I’ve been the one that’s been heartbroken,” she said.

“I have never cheated on any of my boyfriends. I still have never said anything mean about Kanye … This is after six, seven years of constant bullying from him,” she added. “I was quiet for so long. I could have gotten a reality show just off the fact that I was his girlfriend. I could have [written] a book just about being his girlfriend.”

She added that she took the high road, using the connections she had built up from dating West to build her own brand.

“The only thing I got from him was fame, and fame don’t get you no f—king money, period,” she added. “I had to just take that. I had to take that heartbreak on top of it.”

She later added, frankly, that it was one of the hardest times in her life: “It’s constant scrutiny. If I was going to kill myself, I would have done it during those times. I don’t mean literally, because I’m a strong-minded person, but I had to be me to go through that. I don’t think a lot of people would’ve gotten through that the way I did.”

— Kim Kardashian, Kanye West’s surrogate reportedly three months pregnant —