‘Dancing with the Stars’ reportedly courting Sean Spicer

As the former press secretary looks for life after the White House, we may next see Spicer on television learning to dance on "Dancing With the Stars."

Now that Sean Spicer has resigned as press secretary, he is looking for a new job, and he’s reportedly being courted by the likes of ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News.

PageSix reported that he was seen coming out of high-level meetings with these media companies, with news media making a “full-court press” to get Spicer, with his insider knowledge of Trump and his administration, on their networks. The same source, however, said that others “just kicked the tires.”

Either way, Spicer is now looking for work after a tumultuous few months as the White House press secretary, and there has been some speculation that we’ll next see Spicer on television learning to dance on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Actor Zach Braff jokingly tweeted after Spicer announced that he was resigning, “Can’t wait to see Sean Spicer waltz on Dancing With the Stars.”

However, an insider told PageSix that it’s not just a joke: “That has legs.”

Hopefully, if Spicer does join the cast of the show, he does better than Rick Perry, the current energy secretary and former governor of Texas, who was the second contestant to be cut from the show during the last season.