Girls Trip had an amazing breakout weekend at the box office, and it looks like that momentum is still going on.

Producer Will Packer and director Malcolm D. Lee have seen a return on their $20 million investment with a ten-day total of $65.5 million. After a $31 million debut, the comedy saw only a 36-percent drop, earning $20.086 million in its second weekend.

–Producer Will Packer says ‘Girls Trip’ is his funniest movie yet–

The film, which stars Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith and Tiffany Haddish, has received a wash of good reviews and positive feedback as women, especially women of color, have celebrated the movie as a chance to see themselves having honest-to-goodness fun in the kind of pure comedic romp that you usually only see in male-led movies.

It’s especially impressive of an R-rated comedy, which means the movie is already reaching a more limited audience, and historically, R-rated comedies don’t do as well.

However, as Forbes contributor Scott Mendelson pointed out:

But the lesson of Girls Trip is simple (if potentially simplistic): Adult women like to see movies where other adult women get to have enjoyable and free-spirited comedic adventures and become closer friends/better people as a result. The world is too grim for women (and humanity in general) at this moment to find much value in a movie where women suffer for our laughs.