An inmate jailed for attacking two women was seen bragging in a Facebook video that jail is “like a holiday camp.”

Tristan Wilson, 20, from West Yorkshire, England, shared his “cellfies” along with a rap video from inside Doncaster Prison. His Facebook profile has a picture of him in jail where he was sentenced to eight weeks in July.

He was convicted of assault by beating and assault against two women, possession of class A drugs as well as damage to property.

The video he posted is two and a half minutes long and has him and two other prisoners rapping to the camera. He captioned it, “this is what boredom does to you.”

A friend of Wilson says that he is posting the photos to Facebook from a smartphone.

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“He’s been sharing pictures from inside the can and the quality of the pictures is pretty good. He’s been boasting about how great his life is from inside prison.

“There are topless pics of the guys and talking about how great their lives are. It doesn’t seem as if he is showing much remorse for whatever he’s done to get in there for.”

Jerry Spencer, the prison company contract director at HMP Doncaster, said: “Prisoners are not allowed to use social media under any circumstances and we have a zero tolerance approach to anyone who does so.

“We have taken immediate action to investigate this alleged incident and if it is proven to be true we will not hesitate to take all necessary steps to prevent a reoccurrence and if appropriate prosecute any individuals involved.”