Jesse Williams’ wife wants sole custody, accuses him of ‘reckless’ parenting

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Jesse Williams‘ ex, Aryn Drake-Lee, wants sole custody of their kids because, she says, he is a “reckless” parent.

According to TMZ, Drake-Lee told a judge that she wanted the court to intervene because her kids were showing signs of being psychologically affected by the split between their parents. She said that part of the problem was that they were being exposed to a “revolving door” of women.

According to Drake-Lee, the kids had been exposed to at least one intimate partner of Williams’, and she wants a judge to order Williams to keep his girlfriends away from the kids until they have been dating him for at least six months.

She also claimed that Williams had a violent temper and gave as an example an instance of road rage that occurred last month. She said that a neighbor had flipped Williams off during an argument, and in response, Williams “aggressively pursued him in his car,” while the two children were still inside the vehicle. She says the experience was particularly bad because Williams had threatened to kill the neighbor.

She also accused Williams of posting pictures of their kids on social media specifically as a “buffer for the negative talk about him in the media.”