Amanda Seales slams Lady Gaga for asking Blacks how white people can end racism

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After Lady Gaga took to Twitter to ask the Black community what white people can do to put a stop to racism, she was quickly called out by actress and TV personality Amanda Seales.

“For the Black Community, tell us ways the non-racist white community who loves u can do better to help influence the country?” Gaga tweeted.

Seales, who currently stars in HBO’s Insecure, took the opportunity to respond to Gaga as an example to “non-racist” white people on how not to approach conversations on race in America.

“Dear Non-racist, white folks asking black ppl to tell I what to do, IS NOT helpful. Use ur resources,” Seales tweeted. “Gaga shld hv said: My fellow non-racist white ppl it’s time we further educate ourselves & get 2 work on being the generation 2 end racism.

“It is not every black person’s role to educate white folks on how to fix their racist system. I’m appalled at any1 who suggests it is,” she added.  “Y’all can keep on playin mammy and raising white (wo)manchildren if ya want to…I’d rather work with folks who research/take action.”

Reactions to Seales’ tweets were mixed.

Check how it all went down below.