Fox guest: Slavery shows how ‘special and wonderful this country is’

On Monday morning, Katrina Pierson got on Fox & Friends to defend Confederate monuments and memorials as a “good” part of American history.

The comments came after another guest, Wendy Osefo, spoke out against monuments that glorify the Confederacy, saying, “This is a symbol of hatred and division. And while it is a piece of American history, it’s not necessarily the good part of American history. It’s actually nefarious. So it doesn’t deserve a place on state grounds. It deserves a place in museums. And that’s where they need to be.”

But then Pierson argued, “It absolutely deserves a place, because bad history is still good history for this country.”

“Slavery is good history?” Osefo replied.

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“Considering where we are today… absolutely,” Pierson responded, later adding, “Think about this for a second. Where would we be today if not for that Civil War?”

“Where would we be without slavery?” a disbelieving Osefo asked. “Are you serious? Do you hear what you’re saying?”

“How would our children even know how special and how wonderful this country is that we can even be having this discussion today?” Pierson insisted.

Osefo, dumbfounded, asked, “How special slavery is? You know how many people died?”

You can watch the whole interaction below.