Michaela Coel isn’t writing a third season of ‘Chewing Gum’

Sadly, Michaela Coel will not be giving us a third season of Chewing Gum.

The TV trade publication Broadcast reported on Monday that there would be no third season of the hit show on Channel 4.

Coel said that she had “reached a creative peak” with the show after its second season.

“It’s bittersweet but it’s always been part of what we do here,” she told the publication. “We establish people and then there’s a point where they have to move on.”

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Jezebel reported a rep for Coel as saying that she is “not currently writing a third series of Chewing Gum as she is focusing on some other projects right now” but that Coel is “not closing the door to the possibility in the future.”

“Chewing Gum is a vibrant, hilarious and unique comedy of which we are incredibly proud,” a rep from Channel 4 told Jezebel. “Though there currently aren’t any plans for a third series, we hope to work with the hugely talented Michaela Coel again soon.”

The hit show, which follows a young woman looking for love and sexual pleasure outside of her ultra-conservative lifestyle, was written entirely by Coel, which is why there were only six episodes per season.