GOP Rep Confederate Monuments
GA State Rep. Jason Spencer | Former GA State Rep. LaDawn Jones (Video still via YouTube, LaDawn Jones)

A Georgia Republican gave his former Democratic colleague a dire warning for criticizing his support for Confederate monuments.

State Rep. Jason Spencer told former state Rep. LaDawn Jones that she wouldn’t be “met with torches but something a lot more definitive” if she continued to speak out against Confederate memorialization.

Spencer also wrote that the “people in South Georgia are people of action, not drama” and that those who fail to understand that “will go missing in the Okefenokee.”

Jones wrote back, calling out Spencer for what she called a “threat of physical violence” and saying that in the future, a “we are better than them” mentality would be considered a thing of the past.

“Enjoy but know … WINTER IS COMING,” wrote Jones. “You know it too … otherwise you wouldn’t have found a need to even make this post or those hollow threats of not coming to south GA.”

Spencer has since insisted that he was not threatening Jones but “warning to her of how people can behave about this issue.”

“She is from Atlanta – and the rest of Georgia sees this issue very differently,” he claimed. “Just trying to keep her safe if she decided to come down and raise hell about the memorial in the back yards of folks who will see this as an unwelcome aggression from the left.”