A bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has apologized after a Twitter post on Sunday showcased an alleged noose hanging from the ceiling as well as “show your pride” cups with a blue Confederate flag.

Reggie’s, a popular bar near LSU’s campus, released an apology on Monday after the post showing the cup and the noose went viral.

According to the bar, the “noose” was a rope that usually held up a beer barrel, but it was removed because it got “in the way of bartenders.” The bar also claimed that the cups had been taken out of storage by mistake. The cups had previously been stored away and removed from use because they had generated offense when they were in use.

This is not the first time the bar has come under criticism, as it lost its liquor license after a sting in June that ended in several underage drinking arrests. What’s more, in 2015, several social media users accused the bar of using a racist stamp in order to mark some of its customers.

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