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Cher and Future are coming together for Gap’s fall campaign, called “Meet Me in the Gap.”

The Goddess of Pop and the R&B superstar are definitely an unlikely pair, but that just makes their duet in the ad for the new campaign that much sweeter. Together, the two of them cover Sly & the Family Stone’s 1969 classic “Everyday People,” while decked out in Gap denim. Cher sings the reworked piece with Future providing backup as well as his own ad-libs over a hip-hop beat.

“I didn’t know who Future was before this, but I knew it would be so fun to work with someone who is completely unlike me, and who is young, really talented and striving,” Cher told Evening Standard after doing the duet with him.

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Future also spoke to People Magazine about the experience, saying, It was cool to work with someone who is in the industry but has such a different background and life from me. Our love for music really connected us. She’s a true performer and a legend.”

Future also spoke about his love of the brand, especially since his 3-year-old son, Future Jr., recently modeled for Gap.

“With both of us being in campaigns for Gap I think it would be cool to pass down that piece of memory to him,” he said. “Coming into this I wanted to have as much fun as he did.”

Check out the video of Cher and Future’s teamup and let us know what you think!