Todrick Hall and ‘Positively Fearless’ team up for HIV awareness in the LGBTQ community

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Former American Idol contestant, Kinky Bootz star and YouTube sensation, Todrick Hall, has always been a champion of issues in the LGBTQ community and now he’s stepping up for a new collaboration, Positively Fearless.

Positively Fearless is a movement that aims to educate and help empower Black and Hispanic gay and bisexual men to speak up about HIV, support each other and take charge of their health by getting tested, sharing their status, seeking care, finding the appropriate treatment with their healthcare provider, and sticking to it.

In an interview with TheGrio, Hall explains how the collaboration happened with Positively Fearless.

“I felt like that was the most “on the nose” movement that had come my way. It was just so catered to exactly the demographic that follows me, that I am, and a community that I love and care about so much and proud to be a part of. And I would be even more proud to help reduce some of the numbers of the staggering statistics that surround our community.”


According to CDC, “In the United States, Black/African-American gay and bisexual men are more affected by HIV than any other group of Americans. African-American gay and bisexual men account for more US HIV diagnoses than any other group. One out of every two gay and bisexual Black men will develop HIV in their lifetime if current rates continue.

To anyone who isn’t living “positively fearless” Hall says, “My advice to them would be to not let pride be a reason why you would not live the healthiest life you are able to live. Pride is a very crazy thin

g, and this life is beautiful and so fragile and it deserves to be lived to its fullest.”

“So every single person, whether they’re black or white, straight or gay, female or male, should all go out and get tested. Specifically in our community, we are struggling and we need to realize that there is a huge issue and we need to take accountability.

If each person does their part in going to get tested, and also not judging people when you’re in an environment where people are opening up to you, and the situation is being discussed, be open, be positive and come with your words and things that you say and uplift people who are supporting going to get tested.”

Once you have been diagnosed, get on treatment and stay on it. We are twice as likely to miss a dose of our medicine in the African-American community. It is very easy for your body to become resistant to the medication if you don’t take them on a regular basis.”

Outside of his passion for the LGBTQ community, Hall is working on a new album and is excited about trying new projects.

“Honestly, I want to help do whatever I can do to either make people laugh, make people smile, or uplift people or let them know how they can be healthier versions of themselves. I want to be able to infuse all the things that I am passionate about into my music and into my next project.”

Todrick Hall is a Texas native leaving his mark in the entertainment business with his talent and personality. A gay black man in the industry, Hall refuses to let people who are homophobic or racist affect his success. He credits his mom for always praying for him, and teaching him to always look at his glass as half full.

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